Cryper - the file encryption software

Why encrypt your data?

Nowadays your data is available anytime and anywhere. Each computer or smartphone is connected to the internet permanently or your data files are stored at cloud providers. This offers many advantages without a doubt. But this unconditionally networking has its dark sides too.

Your data might be stolen and this could be very unpleasant.

One way to combine the online availability with the necessary security is ENCRYPTION.

Usability and security

With Cryper we offer an encryption software, which is easy to handle. It fulfills nowadays security standards. Many applications are complicated to use, others are made for special tasks like encrypting data files on cloud providers.

Cryper however, is deliberately designed with an easy to use interface. After entering a password or alternatively choosing a key file you just have to select the files, you want to encrypt or decrypt. The workflow can’t be easier.

After encryption it’s up to you, what you want to do with your encrypted data files. You can store them on USB Sticks, CDs or DVDs and carry them with you, save them on your smart phone or put them on a cloud provider like Drop Box, Google Drive or Microsoft One.

It doesn’t matter where your data are, when your encrypted files get stolen, they are useless for the thief, as long as he has no key.

Cryper for Microsoft Windows

Windows itself doesn't provide a convenient way to encrypt single files and if you want to share encrypted files, you are absolutely lost.

This is why we made Cryper. We combined high data security with an absolutely user friendly interface. After starting the software you have to enter a password or choose a key file and then select the files you want to encrypt or decrypt.

Cryper integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu. So you are able to secure your files from there, without even starting Cryper.

There further useful functions like encrypting file names, deletion of source files after encryption was successful and setting a default output path are just a few.

A high light is the Cryper Explorer. It is a file explorer with which you can manage your encrypted data files very easy. With the correct keyword you are able to see the real file names immediately and you are able to open encrypted files temporarily. This means, when you open an encrypted file, a decrypted instance will be created and when you close the Cryper Explorer windows, this copy will be deleted automatically.

The core of Cryper, the encryption algorithm

Cryper uses a proprietary encryption algorithm called CR1. It’s a 1024 Bit symmetric block cipher. We guarantee, that it’s free of any backdoors. To proof that we provide the source code as open source under the CC 4.0 license so you can see how it works.



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